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Due DateSolicitation TitleOwner
03/20/18Traditional Games T-shirtsCherokee Nation
Scope: Seeking interested parties for traditional games t-shirts in various sizes. Interested parties are to provide a bid to furnish product equal to or better than the specifications provided.
03/28/18ITB - Licesned Master Social WorkerLittle Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians
Scope: Provide licesned master social worker consultant. Provide 1-2 hours per week onsite services. Provide behavioral health client assessment and licensing signatory for one LTBB. Review behavioral health client treatment plants and provide licensing si...
03/19/18ITB - On-call Septic Services 2018 - Housing Rentals *ReBidLittle Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians
Scope: Provide on-call septic services 2018 - housing rentals. Receives grant funds to provide affordable housing. Provide annual inspection. Provide local service technician two hour or less response for emergency repairs. Each apartment building has a lif...
04/13/18RFP - Harbor Freight Building Exterior PaintSiletz Tribal Business Corporation
Scope: Work includes, building is 86,300 SF. Frame and masonry construction, treat all mold and mildew with mold be gone or equivalent as needed, pressure wash all surfaces receiving finish to remove dirt, chalk, flaking paint and mildew, rinse all windows ...
04/13/18Chinle Industrial Park Drainage ImprovementsNavajo Nation Division of Economic Development
Scope: Qualified contractors to submit bids for drainage improvements.
04/06/18*UPDATED* WIS 21/Essex Avenue/Eureka Road IntersectionHo-Chunk Nation Housing Dept. - Bia Roads Division
Scope: Works include reconstruction of road intersection; approx 344 LF of 18" RCP culvert; 5,160 LF of asphalt shoulder rumble strip; 23,300 SY of mulching; 23,185 LF of " - 8" marking line epoxy; 155 LF of sawing asphalt; 40 LF of sawing concrete.
04/12/18*UPDATED* Menominee Pumphouse Facilities ImprovementsMenominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin
Scope: Work includes renovations to four (4) existing pumphouse facilities. Includes HVAC modification, door hardware replacements, chemical feed modifications. SCADA/PLC/flow meter modification, process pipe modifications, buried wire replacement and misce...
03/26/18*UPDATED* RFP - Timber Cleanup, Sorting and Removal ProjectNisqually Indian Tribe
Scope: Trees with stumps attached will be cut-off. All stumps at the site will be shaken out to remove at least 90 percent of soil and other debris. All trees, logs, and chunks shall be limbed. Trees with tops shall have the top cut off. The limbs, tops, an...
04/06/18RFP - Parent and Family Engagement and School ClimateSouth Dakota Dept. of Education
Scope: The Consultant will: Demonstrate knowledge of effective practices regarding parent and family engagement, culture and school climate. Provide parent and family engagement, culture, and school climate technical assistance and support to School Support...
04/06/18RFP - Professional Engineering Services (Chupco Landing)Seminole Tribe of Florida
Scope: Professional engineering services (chupco landing).
04/03/18*UPDATED* Middle Village Lift Station RehabiliationMenominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin
Scope: Work includes removal and disposal of existing steel valve vault; installation of cylindrical concrete riser(s) to grade; installation of new standalone valve vault with associated piping, valves, and appurtenances; installation of two (2) submersibl...
03/13/18Golf Carts for Promo Event GiveawayCherokee Nation Enterprises
Scope: Four brand new 2018 Golf Carts for promotional giveaway.
03/28/18General Home Construction ServicesSeminole Tribe of Florida
Scope: Provide construction services to two (2) homes on the brighton reservation.
03/29/18RFP-Insurance ServicesSaint Regis Mohawk Tribe
Scope: Insurance services.
03/29/18RFP-Annual Report Content WritingSaint Regis Mohawk Tribe
Scope: Annual report content writing.
04/10/18*UPDATED* Construction Of: Pedestrian Passage Through Mateo InterchangeSanto Domingo Tribal Utility Department
Scope: Work includes approx. 244 LF of HMA sidewalk, 130 of concrete wall barrier and pedestrian railing through the existing CBC underpass, and 750 LF of stabilized crusher fines trail.
03/22/18*UPDATED* FY 2018 Traffic Signal MaintenanceAustin Purchasing Office
Scope: FY 2018 Traffic Signal Maintenance.
03/16/18*UPDATED* RFP - BC Boys and Girls Club Kitchen ExpansionSeminole Tribe of Florida
Scope: Work includes interior alteration to the existing kitchen area, creation of a connected instructional kitchen area, selective demolition, new wall, flooring, tiling, ceiling, painting, purchase and installation of a new air conditioning, purchase and...
03/26/18*UPDATED* RFP - Water Treatment Plant Chemical ImprovementsSeminole Tribe of Florida
Scope: Provide construction services relating to the chemical system improvements.
03/21/18*UPDATED* USIT STEP #2 Recirculation ProjectUpper Skagit Indian Tribe
Scope: Work includes approx 1 EA manhole 48" type 1, including water tight pipe connections, seal around exterior joints, and other associated items; 35 LF of 4" HDPE (DR17) Pipe installed to connect existing treated effluent pipe to new manhole location; ...


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